About Us

I've spent the majority of my life living in Calgary, but have always had a love for the beach and ocean. Instead of uprooting my family and moving to a tropical island, which I would do in a heartbeat, I try and bring the beach lifestyle/look to our home. After spending 14 years as a Graphic Designer, I started to specialize in hand crafted wood signs after the personal signs I made for myself brought requests for custom signs for others. My work started solely as a beach/surf theme, but I have since added in other themes, as per request of my customers.

Our business consists of my husband and myself. He cuts the wood and I do the sanding, designing and painting. Through our process, we create one-of-a-kind, hand-painted signs available for purchase. Our inventory is constantly being added to our site as they become available so check back often!

We also take orders for custom, hand-painted signs. You supply the dimensions and content, and we build it from scratch. Simple as that. I have a wide variety of paint colors available, but if you would like a specific color we don't already have, just let us know and we can get it in.


"I enjoy my work...maybe a bit too much. It's a way for me to escape and be creative, and I never get tired of it. How can it be work when you love doing what you do?"